Holder of the chair  Serge Payette  
  Collaborators Stéphane Boudreau 
   Martin Lavoie   
  Visiting scientist  
  Bill Romme
Colorado State University
  PhD studentsMaster students 
  Yann Arlen-PouliotSarah Auger [completed in 2008]
  Hugo Asselin [completed in 2005]Ian Boucher
  Stéphane Boudreau [completed in 2005]Pierre-Luc Couillard
  Guillaume de LafontaineSébastien Cyr [completed in 2007]
  Maria DissanskaAlexis Deshaies 
  Isabelle Gamache [completed in 2003]Catherine Dumais
  François Girard [completed in 2008]Esteban Dussart [completed in 2001]
  Paul Jasinski [completed in 2004]Goulwen Dy [completed in 2005]
  Claude Morneau [completed in 1999]Nathalie Girard [completed in 2000] 
  Lily Wang [completed in 2000]Mélanie Jean
   Ann-Catherine Laliberté [completed in 2006]
  Gabriel Magnan 
  Postdoctoral fellowsNadia Pitre [completed in 1999]
  Marco Caccianiga Catherine Plasse 
  Brigitte TalonStefanie Pollock [completed in 2008]
  Alice SchaffhauserAmélie Rivet [completed in 2007]
   Pascale Ropars
  Master and doctoral fellowsJoannie Savard
  Enric Batllori  Martin Simard [completed in 2000]
  Mélanie Saulnier Francis St-Amour
   Simon Thibault [completed in 2006]
   Véronique Tremblay [completed in 1999]
   Sheila Vallée [completed in 2004]
   Mélanie Veilleux-Nolin
   Corinne Vézeau
   Marie-Pascale Villeneuve-Simard
   Marianne White
  Research professional
  Ann Delwaide
Élisabeth Robert